About Us

Excelsa is a boutique agency founded by industry experts with the vision to bridge the business and technology functions by creating a consolidated API Program approach that is both effective but simple to enact to deliver organisational transformation and impactful business outcomes. Our advice and IP is based on more than 40 combined years of practical experience across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and North America with world leading integration and API software vendors as well as direct experience on the customer side in sectors such as FINS, Telco, Utilities and Government. Headquartered in Adelaide and Sydney our consultants are recognised experts in helping organisations of all sizes build and drive API programs and associated Open Data strategies to successful outcomes. Proudly technology independent, Excelsa has partnerships with several leading Salesforce and Integration System Integrators.

Finally, why the name Excelsa ? Firstly because of a shared love of coffee ! but more importantly to highlight our aim of providing excellence in all our activities and being based out of South Australia

Leadership Team

Meet the Founders of Excelsa

Paul Bradley

COO & Co-founder

Paul has held chief architect and senior leadership positions in start-ups and billion dollar public companies in the API, Integration and Mobile Application spaces across both JAPAC and EMEA. Prior to Excelsa, he most recently built and led the JAPAC solutions team at Mulesoft through IPO and acquisition and as well as advising several UK government security agencies on mobile enterprise application platform architecture he spent over 20 years in the Mobile Telecoms industry working for both vendors and telcos.

Paul gained a BSc (Hons) from Imperial College and is an Associate of the Royal College of Science. One of his proudest achievements in his working life was implementing a Low Earth Orbit tracking algorithm for lost satellites for the European Space Agency even though it was never required to be used in anger.

When not spending time with his family in Sydney Paul is a frustrated golfer and has recently discovered rowing

Adrian Melillo

CTO & Co-founder

Adrian is an insightful technologist and Leader with deep knowledge of API, AI, security, data and cloud domains. Within technology companies, a senior executive with a track record of creating strategies necessary to grow multi-$M software and services businesses that support tangible business outcomes in their customer base. Energetic, passionate and commercially astute executive with a demonstrated track record in providing outstanding leadership ranging from large multi-nationals to mature startups. I have been fortunate to work with and lead amazing teams across technical sales, customer success, as well as technical consultancies at partner level.

Adrian has degrees from the University of Sydney and Adelaide and is set to complete a Masters in Applied Cybernetics in his spare time. His proudest achievements include building award-winning software that transformed the educational outcomes for millions of students in the US, as well as leading a team that introduced the Oyster Card system into the London Underground.

Our advice and IP is based on many years of practical experience with world leading integration and API software vendors including MuleSoft as well as direct experience on the customer side in sectors such as FINs, Telco, Utilities and Government

How we work: Our Values & Culture

We Empower You

The solutions we develop for your organisation are designed for you and you people to be able to use. We do not have an IP clause and what we have and what we know is yours to implement. We share our knowledge openly and will happily facilitate the implementation of the program to enrich and empower your organisation and its capabilities.

Be Sustainable

Real transformation does not happen overnight so we take a long term view and endeavour to cultivate ongoing partnerships with our clients. Our strategies are focused on long-term, sustainable results that embed change within your organisation.

Be Unique

We create unique solutions and believe creativity and innovation are at the core of all solutions. This is demonstrated in the unique frameworks and strategies we develop for each of our clients – no recycled or one-size-fits-all solutions here.

We'll Open Your Eyes

Analysis is just part of what we do. The real skill we provide lies in turning analysis into critical insights. You’ll see your business in a totally different light.

Bring Everyone Along

We bring people and strategy together. Our solutions bring together what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable.

Be the Best

We deal in proven methodologies and solutions derived from personal and organisational experience. No other organisation has the expertise and track record of delivering API programs. We deliver specific advisory services. not simply general advice or vendor technology solution


Are you Ready for a Challenge ?

At Excelsa we are always looking for people who are looking to make a real difference in the work they do. If what we do sounds like something you want to be doing then let us know.

Excelsa consultants have worked with hundreds of clients in Australia and Internationally in the areas of APIs and Digital Transformation; Strategy and Architecture; and Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity. Our clients span a cross-section of industries, government departments and startups. we liaise closely with academic and research organiations to ensure that our advice and guidance is always on the cutting edge.