API Program Services

Deliver effective organisational transformation across your entire business via an API Program

As more organisations are looking at APIs as the foundation for digital transformation strategies, whether through legislation requirements for Consumer Rights such as Open Banking or through commercial pressure to keep pace with digital first enterprise, there is a need for thought leadership to ensure successful outcomes.

At Excelsa, we have seen that to over-deliver on internal, customer and partner expectations requires more than just making technology decisions and deploying as many APIs as quickly as possible and as such have developed a unique API Program approach to enable continuing success and an associated set of Advisory Services to assist organisations in their digital journey.

APIs enable an organisation’s digital strategy by:

  • Extending their digital reach to create a platform of business capabilities across a value network
  • Optimising operations through business-aligned, productised services 
  • Providing contextual information to reimagine customer experiences
  • Fostering innovation by cultivating an ecosystem of developers and partners

Achieving these benefits requires a strategic approach, not just a strategy, executed through a cross-organisational API Program


The reason we name this an API Program is that traditionally an API strategy focuses purely on the technology outcomes and components up to the point of choosing products or coding languages. This is the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of the journey and generally only takes the initial deployment requirements into consideration. An API Program includes these components of the API strategy as they are important but crucially extends the scope to ensure wider organisations requirements (the ‘why’) are met and a wider ecosystem is engaged for success (the ‘who’)
The API Program approach is very pragmatically broken down into four distinct stages effectively answering the why, what, how and who questions across the organisation and not just focused on the IT department. Each stage represents a collection of critical business and technology fundamentals easily tackled by committed organisations that have the necessary executive backing and long-game patience. These stages are highlighted above. Each component has a distinct set of outcome based activities and associated deliverables for measuring success, and each component can be delivered as a separate service or within a combination of services to best meet the needs and maturity of the organisation. Excelsa’s advisors are with you to guide successful delivery of your digital transformation initiatives using an API Program approach. Our API Program approach is there to ensure cross-organisational success in the initial roll-out but importantly we will be there to ensure continuing success. Excelsa will work closely with you and your teams to understand your outcomes, to ensure effective collaboration and deliver knowledge transfer to enable self-sufficiency using the most appropriate service offerings.

Our Service Packages

Whilst we tailor the advisory packages specifically for each organization we have built a number of off-the-shelf templates to get started quickly in specific areas of an API Program. These packages are


This package lays the bedrock for your digital strategy and organisational structure. Without a validated, well publicised, and executive endorsed strategy it is almost impossible to drive successful outcomes.


Our advisors will work side by side with your transformation/delivery teams to help shape and guide the mobilisation of the digital strategy.


Ongoing support for the drive forward and successful execution of the strategy whilst holding the business and technology teams to account.