How We Help



Excelsa consultants are recognised experts in helping organisations of all sizes drive API and AI programs and Open Data strategies to successful outcomes.

Our advice and IP is based on many years of practical experience with world leading Integration, API and AI software vendors as well as direct experience on the customer side in sectors including FSI, Telco, Utilities and Government.

    We are able to help organisations, large or small, because –


    • Excelsa are a pure Strategic Advisory practice who can work with your team to deliver your API or AI Programs or provide technology agnostic guidance as you move to being an API led organization. We have no software to sell.
    • We partner with your team to advise, guide, support and enable you to bring your digital strategy to life whilst ensuring IT and the Business are equally included. We are here for you for the long haul to ensure the Program continues to be successful.
    • We will provide an experienced strategic advisor to act as the coordinator in the development of your strategy
    • We will provide our unique framework, with IP to enable the coordination across business and technology, which addresses not only the technology but also the organization, the wider digital strategy and crucially the ongoing success through engaging your network
    • Our team will facilitate and lead workshops
    • We will provide ideas, options and thought leadership
    • When taking Excelsa advisory services you receive the collective knowledge of our entire team

    API Programs

    Excelsa Consultants Are Recognised Experts In Helping Organisations Of All Sizes Drive API Programs

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI @ Scale Done Properly Through An Innovative Program Based Approach Designed by Excelsa


    Advice For Whether Starting Out On A Digital Transformation Journey Or Enhancing Your Integration capabilities


    Excelsa Provide Unique Services to System Integrators for Advice on Building Integration and API Practices